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Corona Virus: measures Verver Export

Corona Virus

The whole world is affected by the COVID-19 virus and in many countries precautions have been issued. Our thoughts are first and foremost with everyone affected by the pandemic.

Verver Export supports the global, concerted approach to limit the further spread of this virus. We continuously take measures based on RIVM's advice and the measures taken by our government. With this message, we would like to inform you about our main activities and the precautions we take.

Precautionary measures

Employees in administrative positions work as much as possible from home and stricter hygiene regulations apply in the production environment. Our sales staff and agents will not make any customer visits or attend meetings or trade fairs in the coming weeks (at least until 6 April).

In the starting blocks

Especially these days it is also extremely important that we continue to do what we can. In addition to a health risk, there is also the risk of an economic downturn. We have to slow it down as well, and we are happy to work on that too.

We are therefore working hard to have the Summer Trams, lily planting projects, pre-cultivated bulbs and other summer bulbs ready on time for delivery. We are in close contact with our suppliers and transporters and keep a close eye on the government measures in our and your country.

Contact with Verver Export

The service will continue unabated, with the safety, health and welfare of our employees, customers, business relations and suppliers coming first. You can reach our Front Office from 8.30am to 5pm via +31 (0)72 50501481 or by email via In addition, your local Verver Export Seller will remain available (by phone and email).

Stay safe and take care!

Together we are ready for you and will do everything we can to give you a colorful summer.

And we hope that our spring bloomers will bring you some colour and positive distractions in these dark times.

Stay safe and take care!

Team Verver Export